concierge medicine

A monthly fee allows you to have your own personal physician. You will have access to me 24/7, same day appointments, and house calls in emergencies.  You can feel free to reach me by cell phone, email, or text.  I will also endeavor to see you if you need emergency room care, and I will follow you while in the hospital.  Having a concierge physician is like having an advocate in the health care system:  I help you navigate the increasingly complex world of specialists, facilitate appointments and coordinate care with other specialists.  This type of practice allows me to limit my panel size to less than 200 patients, and to spend much needed time with those who need it. When I’m on vacation, I am covered by wonderful colleagues so there is always a doctor available when you need one.

integrative health services

Sometimes you just want another perspective on your health—one that looks at you holistically and can provide concrete recommendations on nutrition, lifestyle and simply can help you determine what supplements you need, if any.  Key areas of focus attempt to get at root causes of illness by evaluating food sensitivities and looking at micronutrient levels and optimizing the health of your microbiome and helping you  manage stress.  The Integrative Medicine option that I offer allows you to pay an hourly fee to obtain practical lifestyle advice to ensure you are on track and to help you maintain optimal health.  This program does not include 24/7 coverage.

hormone balancing

I believe that Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for both women and men can help improve quality of life and maintain cognition, energy and vitality and am pleased to offer hormone balancing.  Finding the right hormone balance is a process that can take time and patience.  The Hormone Balancing Package is offered to those who want to pursue hormone balancing and are interested in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 

I start by measuring your baseline hormones with blood and saliva testing, and then decide how to dose your hormones.  Because receptor sites take about 3 months to saturate completely, follow up testing can only be done in 3 month intervals again through saliva, which can better measure metabolites of topical hormones.

This program is billed at hourly rate.  The initial visit may take 60-90 minutes; I recommend follow-up shorter visits every 3 months for the first year to ensure correct hormone dosing.  Thereafter, visits can occur semiannually or annually.


Acupuncture can be a wonderful addition to medicine, and has been shown to help with numerous conditions, including back pain, migraines, hot flashes, anxiety,  depression, and peripheral neuropathy. It is appropriate as an alternative to pharmaceuticals for many conditions.

A session generally lasts 60 minutes and consists of pulse diagnosis with pulse balancing and needle point selection based on your pulses.

facial acupuncture

Mei-Zen facial acupuncture is a wonderful alternative to botox or fillers and provides a gentle facial needling treatment as well as body-balancing.  A full treatment consists of 10 sessions twice a week for 5 weeks.  It can enhance overall skin tone and smooth fine wrinkles.