Dr. Yumi is a physician for the future—but she is already here. Her practice is focused on well-being, not just sick care. She does health caring in special ways that balance physical and psychological; personal and social; Eastern and Western traditions. Yumi blends futuristic treatment methods with ancient wisdom and enduring practices of healing. In her personality, her presence, and her practice she combines both strength and humility.

~ Bob Johansen ~



Dr. Ando has been our family doctor for more than a decade.  Her holistic approach blends proven expertise in western medicine with eastern practices and support from a network of nutritional and exercise professionals.  Thank you, Dr. Ando!

~ Naomi Shibata ~



Under the care of Dr. Ando I've been able to better understand and improve my wellness.  She helped me with digestive and nutrient absorption problems thru functional testing, dietary and lifestyle changes. Also, she started me on a routine of bio-identical hormones which have improved my  brain fog and other symptoms related to changes in my hormone levels.  Her desire to seek the best treatment helped me switch thyroid medication from synthetic to naturally dessicated. This change improved my overall feeling of wellbeing and low energy.  Dr. Ando combines traditional medicine with a functional approach and treats the whole person. I feel I am my best self under her care.

~ Carol Kelly ~