Your Visit



Welcome to my practice.  I look forward to serving you with the highest level of care.  Before your care begins, I do require a get-acquainted visit with all prospective patients to get to know you and to allow you to ask me questions.  This visit does not consist of a medical review, it is primarily a way for you to understand my practice philosophy and see if we can work well together.

Rachel Camilosa, LVN, is my fabulous patient coordinator.  She will arrange and schedule your appointments with me and with other medical specialists. She is the one that will greet you when you come in for your visits, and she can help with medication refills and prior authorizations with insurance.  Rachel is also an expert phlebotomist and does all our conventional and functional medicine lab testing. 


before your visit

Concierge Medicine. Please download and fill out: 

Hormone Balancing. Please download and fill out: 

Acupuncture.  Please make sure to wear loose-fitting pants and short-sleeves if possible.

during your visit

Concierge/Integrative Visits
During your first 90-minute intake, I will construct a timeline, looking at your life events from birth until present to identify any early life stresses that may affect your current health.  After a thorough physical exam and review of your laboratory results, we identify your health goals and create action steps to help you achieve them.  Follow-up visits occur based on your specific goals and can be scheduled as often as you would like.  

Hormone Balancing
Hormone balancing consists of an initial 90-minute intake including a timeline of life events and a review of your current symptoms and concerns.  At the end of the visit you will receive a hormone test that you can do at home. Depending on how quickly you submit your specimens, your next visit will occur in 10-14 days to review the hormone test results and develop a treatment plan. Your 3, 6 and 12 month visits are 30-minute follow-ups to check in and determine how well you are doing on the treatment regimen, with repeat hormone testing if necessary.  

After a brief history to determine your acupuncture needs, you will be placed on an exam table. I will spend some time feeling your radial pulses on both sides to help me determine where to place the acupuncture needles, based on the flow in your meridians. I also do ear acupuncture and will needle your ears as I find this very therapeutic.  A session typically lasts about one hour from start to finish.


financial policies

For concierge medicine, the monthly fee covers all office visits and doctor-patient communications, and includes house calls and hospital visits when necessary.  We do not accept any health insurance.  All labs, medications, radiology testing, specialty care and hospital stays are billed to your insurance.  When possible, we can provide super bills to cover the monthly fee that you can submit to your insurance.

Hormone Balancing is billed at an hourly rate.  We do not accept insurance for this service.  In addition,  hormones often need to be prepared by a compounding pharmacy, so bioidentical hormones are typically not covered by insurance.

Acupuncture sessions are billed  on a per session basis.  We are happy to provide a super bill to submit to insurance for reimbursement if acupuncture is a covered service with your plan.